We, TOPBUILT, has been manufacturing quality hammer and replacement fiberglass handles in China for over than 20 years. In that time, we have grown to become a leading supplier to a broad range of well-known brands and distributors in Europe, America and other countries.
Headquartered in Changzhou, the products are manufactured in two plants. The hammer plant covers 395000 sq.ft, who is well equipped with all latest technologies available in Forging, heat treatment , assemblying, finishing and packing. Over 20......
  Claw hammer
  Ball pein hammer
  Sledge hammer
  Hatchet and Axe
  Stoning hammer
  Engineering Hammer
  Roofing hammer
  Soft face hammer
  Automotive body hammer
  Chipping hammer
  Chisel and Bars
  Pick and mattock
  Spanish hammer
  Italian hammer
  French hammer
  Fiberglass handle
     • Claw hammer handle
     • Machinist hammer handle
     • Stoning hammer handle
     • Axe handle
     • Sledge handle
     • Pick handle
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