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Changzhou Wuppertal Tools Co., Ltd
Founded in 1993, Changzhou Wuppertal Tools Co., Ltd. specializes in production of high-quality nail hammers, ball peen hammers, sledgehammers, club hammers and other hand tools.
Despite of difficulties and hardships in the past over 20 years, after dozens of years of development, our Company now has 12,200-square meter factory buildings and 100 employees and can manufacture 300,000 hammers every month. We have always strived to offer high-quality products. Since our Company was founded 25 years ago, we have taken all processes including forging, lathing, cutting, milling, heat treatment, powder coating, polishing, rustproof surface treatment, assembly and packaging seriously...
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  • Contact person: Frank Zhang
  • Tel: 0086-519-85202959
  • Add: 9 East Taihu Road, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China 213022
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